ProSys™ Software for ProVia Laser Via Drilling and Cutting Systems

software for laser via drilling

Microvia Drilling Software

An intuitive graphical user interface that offers unmatched ease of use for both operators and process engineers.  All machine setup and calibration controls, job and process settings, vision and process map, status and diagnostic information – accessible with a single click or tap.


  • Simple operator interface – load panels and just press Start.
  • Process map – visualize all job features in map or camera overlays.  Clearly see at a glance what and where the process is, in real time.
  • Fully automatic run-time calibration activates when it needs to, ensuring process stability and accuracy.
  • Real-time system monitoring for process integrity
  • Touchscreen support for all Operator interaction
  • Automated file conversion and job creation without operator intervention
  • Compatible with industry standard file formats
  • File conversion automation with network interface and barcode reading allows unattended job creation
  • Automatic multi step and multi pass processing with performance optimization
  • User type access levels with password protection for visibility and access to configuration, set-up and operating screens
  • Maintenance Tracker keeps log of all system maintenance and history, and provides prompts at maintenance intervals
  • Full system diagnostics and data logging for enhanced product support and predictive maintenance
  • Remote access through the internet allows factory support without the cost of a service visit
  • Multi-language selectable
  • Windows 10 64-bit architecture

Job Creation

Job creation is a stand alone utility that performs file conversions and job generation.

  • Provides a graphical map of job features and facilitates panel orientation.
  • Full support of industry standard input file formats including mixed drill and rout tasks within the same job.
process tools for laser via drilling
job tools for laser via drilling

Process Control

Drill process tools allow precise control over bite size, spiral spacing, cut direction, via size fine adjust, inner diameter,  perimeter revolutions, and repetitions.

  • Independently control laser pulse energy and repetition rate.
  • Hole sizes are not limited by the laser spot size.
  • Punch, spiral or rout with both UV and CO laser process tools.
  • Multi-step and multi-pass processing provides unlimited combinations of operations for ultimate flexibility and process optimization.
  • Quick tool process parameter evaluation using the Process Test array functions for both drilling and routing tools.



Laser Via Drilling